Déambulations #1 (Wanderings #1)
Exhibition at the Glass Museum / Art center, Carmaux., 25 April - 15 October 2013.
© Phœbé Meyer,  Musée/ Centre d'art du verre de Carmaux.

Curated by Laurent Subra
Production:  Glass Fabrik
Co-produced with le Centre d’art le LAIT and the GMEA.
A show where the artworks were made in glass and included the pieces that were made in 2012 during a workshop at the Museum as part of a residency: Niek van de Steeg, Peter Keene and Piet So and Alain Leclerc.
Below is an extract from the text, 'The nerve centre of the Foundation of Raw material',  that Jackie-Ruth Meyer wrote for the exhibition catalogue:
Niek van de Steeg is fascinated by what he calls, "sculptures of  the society", the stone quarries, uranium, coal and asbestos mines. He considers them to be, "sculptures made by industrialization and thus by the community" and his interest lies in adding something to a territory which man has already sculpted..."