Fondcommun # 5
Il n'y a que des disparitions - There is only disappearance - Es gibt nur Verschwinden is the product of a white card given to Stéphane Le Mercier in collaboration with Nicolas Tardy. With the participation of: Burkard Blümlein, Émeline Galhac, Ian Simms, Eric Suchère, Emilio Arauxo Francis de Hita, Chantal Neveu, Claude Horstmann, Stéphane Le Mercier, Nicolas Romarie, Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Aurélie Godard, Jochen Lempert, The Center for Abandoned Letterhead, Christian Bernard, Rémy Hysbergue, Maria del Rosario Valencia, Yvonne P. Doderer Görgen Roland, Jean-Christophe Nourisson, Jean-François Bory, J Game, Xavier Thomas, Serge Le Squer, Niek van de Steeg, Michele Métail, Vincent Bonnet, Sarah Kéryna, Eric van der Weijde, Alain Bizeau, Claire Maugeais, Vanina Maestri, Jean-Claude Luttmann, Yves Trémorin, Archivo FX / Pedro G. Romero, Moulène Christiane Geoffroy, Sylvia Winkler / Stephan Köperl, Vincent Labaume Leila Brett Tsuneko Taniuchi, Gavin Morrison / Scott Myles, Lucien Suel, Nicolas Tardy, Pierre-Olivier Arnaud, Serge Waha ... Fondcommun No. 5, page 30: MMP: Hyundai Veloster Turbo Yellowcake, collage Niek van Steeg.
Fondcommun online magazine (...)
Fondcommuns #4
During the month of May, 2013, the fourth issue of the 'journal fondcommun' - member of a problematic press - was printed in the printing press of Chirat (Loire), and blister packed in Marseille on May 13, 2013. A excessive amount - 5,000 copies the equivalent of one ton of paper has now to find its readers... This issue, 'Capital' was made as a counterpart to the European Capital of Culture 2013 Marseille-Provence - through reviews and interrelated approaches. Its distribution is currently in progress. You can read the magazine online here: (...) or download it here: (...) .
You will find my work, a collage, Yellowcake Towns, on the page 23.
Notebook following a 2012 residency at the Museum / Center for Art Glass in Carmaux. Made up of 36 pages with a text written by Jackie-Ruth Meyer, about my work, The nerve center of the founding of the House of the Raw Matter . The MCDAV invited Alain Declercq, Philippe Garenc, Niek van de Steeg, Peter Keene and Piet.sO, and in collaboration with the Art Center Le LAIT and GMEA. Vincent Chagnon and Anne Donze, two young designers who share their passion for glass between Quebec and France were also invited. Their work was the subject of the exhibition, "Déambulations #1" presented at the Museum / Center for Art Glass (...)
Silence Vert, (Green Silence)
A new edition dealing with the encounters of digital, electronic and media arts was held in Oudeis, from the 1st to the 15th December 2012.
A catalogue was published for the event and can be seen: (...)
You can read the email interview and read the discussion on the pages 70 to 85
Interface appartement gallery, 2007-2012
The appartement Gallery Interface is a collective space that has been fighting for over twelve years to promote young artistic creation. The brainchild of two former students of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, Interface, as the name suggests, aims to connect art schools and art centers and FRACs (s), providing an experimental exhibition space and providing financial assistance for the production of artworks. For 5 years, the association has been located in a new apartment at 12, rue Chancelier de l’hôspital. The book shows all the exhibitions that have been held there. We chose a rather radical option by giving just the voice-over to the reproduction of certain works. Pages 28 to 31 show my exhibition(...)
The book 'The House of Raw Material' was published for the exhibition, Yellow Cake & Black Coffee held during the summer of 2012 in Albi, France. It includes the iconography of the MMP sculpture; raw materials such as uranium, coffee and asbestos. Three portraits set the narrative rhythm: Michel Chevalier, Pieter van den Broecke and Matthew Coon Come. Going from page to page, we oscillate between fantasy and invisibilty, security and machines, imagination and tales, creation and myths. (...)
Semaine 36.12
The exhibitions of Niek van de Steeg create places for critical and participatory meanderings. They opens up the field of art by inviting everday people. It restores the art space outside the mercantile domination of spectacular codes, outside the cultural ether which exclude research process, manufacturing and sharing. At the same time, his work restores democratic processes undermined by the hegemony of economic and exceeded social dogmas. He points the responsibility of the artist in front of the world, there where he could make concrete action, the territory of the work based on reality and fiction, whose powers of mental structures are turning into reality. Niek van de Steeg, Yellow Cake & Black Coffee, week 36.12, No. 311 foreword by Jack and Ruth Meyer interview Hou Hanru at the occassion of the exhibition at the Art Center Le LaiAIT Les Moulins Albigeois, Albi , Paper edition, 17 x 24 cm, 16 pages, ISSN 1766-6465, 4 € COMMAND , digital edition, 1€, COMMAND
The Detail in German
In the exhibition TOP 50 at the Elac in Lyon, from January to February 1992, presented on a red door leading to an exhibition space showing the Wind Pavilion and the Carrousel of theTwelve + a facsimile of the German newspaper could be seen. For the exhibition, "Table d'Hôtes" at Hermes und der Pfau Gallery in Stuttgart, October 2008 the same document was shown. You can read the text here (...)
Veduta 2007
Veduta was a project for the Lyon Biennial 2007. The publication summarizes the first edition of Veduta around three main chapters:
- From the mediation to the reception of the work of art, its conception and methodology, and the course of actions in the Rhône-Alpes region from 2007-2008.
- The exhibitions relatioship to the public space, investigating different productions and exhibitions as well as the scenography created for the Place de Terreaux in the cenre of Lyon.  - Art territory and vice versa, where the conference proceedings organized by Veduta will be found and
-Art and territory and vice versa, where texts can be consulted from the conferences organized by Veduta  and  l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.
Here is the text that Hubert Besacier wrote for me : Paradoxes: égarements (...)
You can buy a copy here (...)
The artist, Boris Achour, and Émilie Renard and Guillaume Désanges the art-critic/curators of the exhibition,
created a 'real exhibtion', but where nothing is actually made, the catalogue being the only concrete result of the event.
The publication is a culmination of standard processes in curating a show: from an idea or intuition to a clear theme; with a structure and intellectual perspectives that bring together artists and works, places and commissions, etc. Here, the production phase has been skipped and the catalogue the final result.

To read more about my work and other texts by Guillaume Désanges (...)

Horsd’œuvre n° 20
In 2007, Interface celebrated the ten year anniversary of the newspaper Horsd'œuvre and for the occassion published the twentieth issue. The number 20 issue was specifically dedicated to the artists. Olivier Mosset, Joël Hubaut, Guillaume Millet and Niek van de Steeg.
Each artist created a poster using one of the primary colours yellow, red, blue and black.(...)
Niek van de Steeg
The catalogue,  « Blackboards in color »  was an exhibition held at the Contemporary Art Center of Saint-Fons, in January 2007, and directed by Jean-Claude Guillaumon and with a text by Pascal Beausse (...)
The result is a book of 48 pages with illustrations of the exhibition and other projects based on the correction structures. You can read it here (...)
+ si affinité 2004, 10 familles, 10 artistes
A meeting organised at someone's home where artists, families and the public meet around works specifically created for the place and the event. A 96-page catalogue with images of the works and interviews with the artists, Francesco Finizio, Laurent Tixador, Abraham Pointcheval, Thomas Bernardet and Frederick Post, Philippe Meste, Chimene Denneulin, Annabelle Hulaut, Serge Comte, Alain Michard and Niek van de Steeg. The interview with the events director, Patrick Tarres about the work La Terrasse, which was located in the garden of the Huc family is on page 76 to page 85
72(projets to get over with)
Was published by the Presses du Réel (France) and Idea Book (International).This book brings together a considerable amount of projects by contemporary French artists. "Project", as defined by a dictionary definition is: "What we intend to do", with this very plastic notion of projection in time and space. The artists were specifically asked to provide preparatory elements (maps, sketches, drawings, graphs, photographs, texts,...) of a project that had been lurking at the back of their memory or oin the bottom of their drawers for some time. A project they could never achieve, due to lack of time, means, or opportunity, a project that would momentarily exist in an editorial format, and this giving it a potential life.(...)
Toc, review for drawings, special architecture
In the center pages of this magazine published by SMP, associative gallery in Marseille, under the leadership of Pastor Geraldine Llhoret and Joshua Z. Rauscher in May 2004 4 pages I show the Carousel of the Twelve +. It is a monument, developed for the inauguration of the Common Market of Europe 1992 We find this book (...) and by request I will send a copy (...)
Troubler l'écho du temps
Little book published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same name which ran from March 8 to May 6, 2001 at the Museum of Contemporary Art. An exhibition organized by Hervé Percebois, under the direction of Thierry Raspail. An image of the work exhibited is (...)
What could we build?
Catalogue of two exhibitions that took place in 2001 at the Villa Noailles in Hyeres and at the Museum Ziem in Martigues.
An approach to architecture through works displaying architecture parasited by poetical, humoristic or derisory fictions. In the catalogue you can read my response to the question posed by the title of the exhibition; 'A fictional discussion between members of the Board of the FRAC Poitou-Charente, which began with the phrase - "I was told that it was for the photo..."
In the journal "Parpaing", issue No.18, you can read an article about the exhibition written by Christophe Le Gac and admire The Bureau without a fixed floor of the VGDA on the front cover of the magazine (...)(...)
Plan B
Leaflet, guide of an exhibition which took place in the neighborhood of Bruckstraße in Dortmund, Germany, from May to July, 2000. Artists included, Valérie Belin, Rebecca Bournigault, Alain Bublex, Claude Closky, Valerie Jouve, Marin Kasimir, Bernard Lallemand, Christl Lidl, Nicolas Moulin, Natascha Nisic, & Herbert Schwarze, Slimane Rais, Franck Scurti ,Veit Stratmann and Sylvie Ungauer.
You can read more about the event here
Pictures of the Correction Structure: The InfoLounch exhibition can be seen here (...)
Following the histories, editing and corrections applied to the Structure of Correction
Niek van de Steeg develops fictional architectures which take on the role of a critical apparatus. One of his Structures of Correction takes the form of an enormous round table where speakers are invited to take part in a debate. Is history open to revision? What is the relationship between art and our liberal society? How are regional and national identities formed? The very form of this publication reflects the nature of their contribution and the audience's reaction. The book is a collage of elements created by the interventions of Niek van de Steeg, Michel Giroud, Dominique Figarella, Anne-Marie Thiesse, Lise Guehenneux, and with a preface by the exhibition curator, Dominique Abensour.
You can buy the book here (...)
Commun Wishes
"Yves Bélorgey paints modern apartement buildings... They cannot be avoided: the very things we feel like dynamiting from our outside world are represented from the inside with potency, colour and spectacular perspectives. Niek van de Steeg creates his pieces with what's at hand;  food packaging collected from our domestic economy - or a meeting room from one floor of the very Great Democratic Administration..." wrote Lise Guehenneux in the art review Blocnotes, April - May 1996. Further on the second cover reads: "the book is the result of a debate which took place during the exhibition, 'Commun Wishes' at the FRAC Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur in January to February, 1996."
Nathalie d’Artigues, Guy Cabrière, Annie Chèvrefils-Desbiolles, Marc Émery Patrice Goulet, Lise Guéhenneux, Jacque Hondelatte, Éric Mangion, Frank Perrin and Rudy Ricciotti took part in this debate.
Buy the book here (...)
Or send an email to get a copy in exchange for another book here (...)
Parpaings n°11
For this issue of Parpaings, qui du n° 1 de mars 1999 – date de création – au n° 34 de June 2002 aimed at underlining the debates that feed different creative areas; what brings them together or pulls them apart.
A space of reciprocity, confrontation and quastionin, Parpaingss stands up for the creators freedom of expression in a world where artistic and critical discussions are hardly being listened to.
The magazine's format, its periodicity and price (2 euros), allows a greater access for students, architects, artists and all those involved in their work. The notebook in the middle of the ° 11 issue of the notebook, we can read,  "Two
Projects / Two Results".Kibboutzland versus the collective work at the shopping centre, Le Clerc in Pau.
You can still buy the magazinefor 5 € instead of 2€ here (...)
You can see the center pages of the notebook in PDF (...) Or read "expressions" in french (...)
Democritic the Society
Book published by the Art Center Le Parvis, under the direction of Sylvie Froux for the exhibition, Equality, Freedom & Secret / Démocritique the Society, Correction Structures of the Very Great Democratic Administration , which was held at the Commercial Center Leclerc, from October 28 to November 27, 1999, in Pau. For the book,  Gerard Raffort wrote a text in the form of a film-script, a thriller in the series "Le Poulpe". The story takes the reader to Dijon, where they are witness to a murder of the director of Emmaus "Norge-la-Ville" and a strange affair between France and the Ukraine. 
You can read and take a look here (...)
An exhibition as a multi-local networked event which took place simultaneously in Karlsruhe (ZKM), Graz (steirischer herbst), Tokyo (ICC Intercommunication Center) and Barcelona (MECAD Media Centre d'Art i Disseny).With around 100 works, the exhibition aimed not only to provide a comprehensive survey of the current status of international Net art, but it is above all an introduction to the political-economical ideas, social practices and artistic applications of online communication in a Net society.
Here is the website of the exhibition (...)
You can find my contribution at the pages 54 and 55, as wall as on the website here (...)
Remember Utopia, Architecture in French Contemporary Art
The catalogue includes texts by the curator Friederike Kitschen and art critic Charles-Arthur Boyer. Olivier Poivre d'Arvor in his preface, writes, ...Here is an exhibition for the least special. Sixteen French artists born between 1947 and 1966 who work on urban space, which looks crosses without repeating, which contradict and complement each other. Indeed, how can we ignore the changes that have swept over cities for the last fifty years? How has this generation bore witness to these changes? Which country could be more suited than Germany to accommodate such proposals?...
You can find the works exhibited for the xhibition on the website here (...)
Hypothesis of Collection, booklet for the visitor
In his preface, Éric Mangion, director of the FRAC PACA and curator of the exhibition says:
...if the primar aim of the FRAC is to buy, collect and distribute, these three components often allow topological implications of the hypothesis:
a. Knowing that many artists often work on the creation or implementation of a project, the FRAC can meet them, not to acquire the project, but an element of it: program, credits, symbolic part of the work, etc. Indeed, the work DEMOCRATIQUe, exhibited for the first time in Venice and purchased the same year by the FRAC- PACA corresponds to this very criterion.
You can find the exhibited work on the website here (...)
Crash Magazine #5
The magazine, Crash, was founded in 1998 by Frank Perrin and Armelle Leturcq. Before creating Crash, they founded the journal BlocNotes, in which we can find my collaborations as well as an interview. In the issue #5, for the exhibition Defense and Secrets at the gallery Art : Concept.
The interview can be read here (...)
Magazine Sarrazine, the circle
This issue of Sarrazine gave rise to artistic research and the exhibition, Circle (the ring) with the participation of : Giovanni Anselmo, John Armleder, Richard Artschwager, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Louise Bourgeois, Claude Closky, Noël Dolla, Ernest T, Peter Fischly & David Weiss, Hamish Fulton, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Jacques Julien, Richard Long, Stéphane Magnin, Gordon Matta-Clark, Antoni Muntadas, Reip Hugues, Jean-Jacques Rullier , Herman Steins, Niek Van de Steeg, Lawrence Weiner ...
My drawings can be seen on pages 48 and 49
More on Sarazine's website here  (...)
And the work, the office without a fixed floor of the VGDA (...)
That summer, an exhibition of varieties
As a refrain ...
One way to recovery ...
No misuse of funds, but a recovery in a musical and automotive sense ...
A libertarian sense too: that's to say, it would simply take back our account that what was a bit too quickly confiscated ...
It reigns here in these assembled words and pictures an atmosphere of varieties that shamelessly allows the cohabitation with the spirit of Mac-Kac with that of Paul Valéry ...
There's more on the Contemporary Art Center of Languedoc's-Roussillon's website (...)
Or you can download the catalogue (...)
Parallel worlds
For this issue the artists were invited tu use structures in their works that have nothing to do with a theories or scientific explanations, but which specially relate to the oeuvre of the artist. The work is the structure, the connection, the organization in itself: subjective and absurd (Anna Best, Tariq Alvi, non-hierarchic (Tariq Alvi , Jason Rhoades), fictitious and real (Klaar van der Lippe), semi-functional and operational (Niek van de Steeg, Hervé Paraponaris). We would rather speak of links between unequal quantitities, of reality, fiction and the virtual, between which inimitably the artist moves. Casco issues #2 is a heterogeneous colletion of works, presented as a process; a triple jump between several worlds
You can find my contibution on pages 17 to 21, buy a copy (...) or download the Dutch text in pdf (...)


This is the title of an exhibition organized by Sonia Criton, which took place from 16 May to 15 June 1997 in Odessa, Ukraine at the Museum of Fine Arts of Odessa.
Martine Aballea, Ardouvin Alain Bublex Carlos Kusnir, Ladan Naderi and Niek van de Steeg are the artists who participated in this project. The text that Lise Guehenneux wrote in the catalogue is entitled, The deceptive sunshine from the west or the great evils and the small miseries of utopian fantasy. You can download the text here (...)
A roof fo everyone (Ein Dach für alle)
An exhibition curated by Ami Barak, (at the time director of the FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon), from 12 April to 19 May 1997 in the gallery der Künstler in Munich, with works from Absalon, Cécile Bart, Pierre Bismuth, Angela Bulloch, Chris Burden, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Cercle Ramo Nash, Pascal Convert, Luc Deleu, Hubert Duprat, Pierre Huyghe, Peter Kogler, Franz West and Niek van de Steeg. The exhibition travelled to the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin and Camara Municipal Gallery in Matusinhos, Portugal. The 40 page catalogue includes a text written about my work by Celine Mélissent.


Blocnotes #14, mutations
Structures de Correction is a long interview with Lise Guéhenneux in the journal BlocNotes.
A publication founded by Armelle Leturcq and Frank Perrin in 1992 The first issue appeared in the autumn under the theme Strategies of exhibition. Each new issue is organized in the same way: multidisciplinary points of view based on a theme. To enrich the debate several personalities including out of the art world are invited to publish texts, sometimes an interview is devoted to them. From the beginning the English translations allow the magazine to be part of an international network. (...)
The presentation of the article begins with : The work of Niek van de Steeg tracks in the political functioning of contemporary societies it's mutational character. He is standing for the impossibility to deliver a vision of the event to give free rein to the discussion, to the accumulation of facts, confronting us with the reorganization of chaos more by creating tension then creating exposure. You can find the interview on page 48 to 55. And download the article in PDF (...)
Papier Beeld en Basis, Utopia (paper, image & basic, utopia)
This catalog accompanies an exhibition organized by the Oud-Hospital Museum and Cultural Centre De Werf, under the direction of Jan de Nys, in Aalst in Belgium, in the spring of 1996.
Joseph Beuys, Domenique Dehais, Luc Deleu, Ralph Peters, Urs Pfannenmüller, Willem Speelenbrink , Niek van de Steeg and Marcel Zalme, are artists (all male) of the event.
The textes are written by Jan Hoet and Bart de Baere, Philip Peters, Eric de Smet, M Guestelle, Annie Gentile, Heinz Schütz, Lieven van den Abeele, Luk Lambrecht, Marc by Vonk.
L'œuvre fendue (the split work, the first and the et second manifesto)
Extra-print of the Extensions catalog published at end of the residency at the Villa Medici in September 1996.
This copy is printed in the Trastevere in Rome, handmade on a Heidelberg
press with lead letters, you could almost read the text by touching the paper.
This is a rewriting of the two manifestos for the literary movement Oulipo François Le Lionnais.
The first Manifesto begins ... open a dictionary to the word "Conflict Art" and " Consuel
Art" You don't find anything. Unfortunate gap. The following lines would otherwise impose a definition, at least offer a few remarks, simple appetizers for the hungry that have to wait until the main course will been written by better than me ...
Download both manifestos (...) or order a copy of this extra-print in exchange for another publication. Make an exchange proposal
Is the catalog of the exhibition at end of stay at the Villa Medici in September 1996. Curating of the exhibition and the writing was awarded to Isabelle Dupuy, graphics Philippe Jarry and contribution of artists, Jean-Michel Othoniel Alain Sonneville and Niek van de Steeg. The sociologist Jean - Yves Petiteau conducted with each artist a wandering, whose result is a photo report, in the manner of a picture story with subtitles.
Cosmos des fragments futurs
...Exposition de Frank Perrin et une invitation à explorer de nouvelles voies artistiques, des voies d'expression qui reflètent les changements et les nouvelles technologies qui modèlent notre vie quotidienne. L'exposition rassemble des oeuvres de plus de cinquante artistes d'une dizaine de nationalités au nombre desquels on trouve (...)
Blocnotes n°8, laboratories
Flo Flo and the city: locale
Collage with text and drawings from Niek van de Steeg for the review BlocNotes. BlocNotes is founded by Armelle Leturcq and Frank Perrin in 1992.
The first issue appeared in the autumn under the theme Strategies of exhibition. Each new issue is organized in the same way: multidisciplinary points of view based on a theme. (...) In this article is written among other ... The night felt on the Cité Internationale and the last walkers had left the Parc de la Tête d'Or. Ronny Renault entered the small space of the Local City. He was happy to be alone in this place. He had dreamed of building. This small building was for him both new and a "déjà vu". But what can you expect more after a century of ready-made? A bus  passed by and shook the small building slightly. Ronny left the office and looked down. A young blonde woman get out of the bus. It was she? ...
You can continue reading 38 to 39 Or download the article in PDF (...)
Révolution n°734
The article in this issue is titled Anti fiasco end of the century and written by Lise Guehenneux at the pages 48 and 49 .This is an review of the exhibition Bifurcation, held in Meymac and thereafter in Dole and Albi. Revolution is a review of the French Communist Party in particular intended for intellectuals. Founded in 1979, it replaces both New France and the New Criticism, respectively weekly theoretical and cultural monthly of the PCF and disappeared in the late 1970s. Revolution in 1995 disappears and is replaced by Regards, under the former titel of the Communist press of the years1930 and 1950.
Catalogue de l'exposition collective de 80 pages, et 30 ill. couleur, brochée, avec Absalon, Ghada Amer, Mohammed El Baz, Peer Fend, Claude Lévêque, Jacques Malgorn, Claude Mongrain, Niek van de Steeg. Textes de Sonia Criton et Estelle Pagés
Cette exposition a eu lieu au Centre d'Art Contemporain de Meymac, au Musée des Beaux Arts de Dôle et à Cimaises et Portiques à Albi. Sonia Criton a écrit le texte I comme initiatique, qu'on peut trouver à la page 72 à 79.
Lire ce texte (...)
Blocnotes #5, dérives d'hexagone
Flo Flo and the New Stadium (opposite the VGDA) The second episode of a cartoon with a scenario by Jean-Bernard Pouy and texts and drawings by Niek van de Steeg for the  review BlocNotes. A publication founded by Armelle Leturcq and Frank Perrin in 1992. The first issue appeared in autumn  of the same year on the theme of Exhibition Strategies. Each new issue is organized in the same way: multidisciplinary points of view based on a theme. (...).
In this episode Ronny and Flo-Flo continue their conversation and come across leaflets and newspaper clippings spread over the bistro table ...
This cartoon is on page 60 and 61, or you can download the article in PDF (. ..)
Info Université de Bourgogne
For the exhibition, 'l'étage R (Récupération et Rationalité)' of the TGAD at Athéneum, the cultural centre's exhibition space at the Burgundy University, in January 1994, a special issue was specifically created for the event and which included, an exhibition, a collective piece and the real and fictional partnership between two institutions: the University and Emmaüs.
Read and download the PDF file here (...)
Blocnotes #4, utopien fields
Flo Flo and the Big stadium (opposite the VGDA) first episode of a cartoon with text and drawings by Niek van de Steeg for the review BlocNotes. A publication founded by Armelle Leturcq and Frank Perrin in 1992. The first issue appeared in the autumn under the theme Strategies of exhibition. Each new issue is organized in the same way: multidisciplinary points of view based on a theme. (...).At the beginning of this story, Ronny and Flo-Flo meet on the terrace of a bar, the conversation evokes the difficulties that arise in the new stadium being built in front of the VGDA ...
The strips are located on pages 22 to 23 and can be downloaded here (...)
Revolution #687
The article in this issue 687 of the April 22 to 28, 1993 is entitled Building and working with the complexity and written by Lise Guehenneux is printed on the pages 32 and 33. On the moment of this interview there were two exhibitions going on. The exhibition Début des travaux (starting work) in the Christine and Isy Brachot Gallery and  Le Pavilion à Vent Présente: Le Manège des Douze + (The Wind Pavillon presents the carousel of the Twelf +) in the Nouveau Museum in Villeurbanne. In the beginning of the interview the question is about the relationship between fiction and reality: The answer is that it is that is based on the strategy to build shows as sculpture ... Read the topic (...)
Revolution is a review of the French Communist Party in particular intended for intellectuals. Revolution in 1995 disappears and is replaced Regards, under the former Communist press of the 1930s and 1950s.
E Il Topo : Periodico d’Artista Anno II n° 4
E Il Topo: Periodico d'Artista Anno II # 4 E Il Topo is a magazine founded by artist Gabriele Di Matteo, the manager's name "Armando Della Vittoria" is a pseudonym. It compiles several contributions from artists like Maurizio Catellan, Vanessa Beecroft or Dominique Gonzales-Foerster and between-other, a soap opera called "Giallo Giallo di". This issue presents a series of portraits of artists, present in the Aperto exhibition in Venice 1993. The names listed under each picture, however, have all been mixed. A description of many numbers is on the site of the University of Rennes in the cabinet of artist books (...)
Headline, Aperto 93
En 1993 bien avant Google et compagny est écrit Real Time systems are double agents un article de Hans Haacke. A côté il y a la photo des tours jumelles avec en dessous ce commentaire, Lower Manhattan and the financial district. The new Twin Towers of the World Trade Center dominate the Lower Manhattan skyline. Many buildings are headquarters of international financial institutions, banks and trading compagnies. The Hudson River and New Jersey shoreline are in the background.
A la page 16 on peut trouver un article de ma main : A Bilbao, l'exposition le Manège des Douze + déboussolée.
Quinze jours après son ouverture , L'Expo connait ses prémiers "ratés", restaurants trop chers, parkings trop petits, queues devant le pavillon, problèmes informatiques, manque de vent...
Lire la suite et télécharger cet article (...)
Les Douze du Manège (The Twelf of the Carousel)
Is the publication of a short story, a thriller, written by Jean Bernard Pouy, at the occassion of the exhibition Le Pavilion à Vent Présente :Le Manège des Douze + ( The Wind Pavillon present : the Carousel of the Twelf +)  in the Nouveau Museum of Villeurbanne in 1993. This story is the result of a meeting of the writer and the artist about the Wind Pavillon and the event in the city of Bilbao, this long before the first ideas of the Guggenheim were in the scketches of the architect Franck Gehri . You can read this novel in this book : L’angoisse du banc de touche au moment du coup d’envoie (...)
Art Press #169, May 1992
For this issue Nicolas Bourriaud wrote an article entitled, Notes on the Wind Pavilion, below is a short extract from the article: ... Dan Graham, Michael Asher have become totems of a generation of artists (generation in the sens of "wave") that intends to investigate the context and objective conditions of artistic production ... Niek van de Steeg could be likened to that current. I say "could be" but this young Dutch artist, based in Lyon, and still witout a galleryin Paris, is patiently building the elements of a meta-critic of utopia, an archeology of reports esteblished by artists in this century between art and architecture, still experimenting the same methods as them ...
Read the article here (...)
Il faut construire l'Hacienda(The hacienda must be built)
Catalogue of the exhibition held at the CCC Tours from January to March, 1992. Nicolas Bourrioud, Eric Troncy and Alain la Ferière were the invited curators. Nicolas Bourriaud wrote a text entitled : Qu'est-ce que le réalisme opératif ?
The Detail
In the exhibition TOP 50 at the Elac in Lyon, from January to February 1992, presented on a red door leading to an exhibition space showing the Wind Pavilion and the Carrousel of theTwelve + a facsimile of the German newspaper could be seen. For the exhibition, "Table d'Hôtes" at Hermes und der Pfau Gallery in Stuttgart, October 2008 the same document was shown. You can read the text here (...)
TOP 50
Exhibition catalogue for the group exhibition, TOP 50 at the Elac in Perrache, Lyon, from January to February, 1991. A group exhibition curated by Thierry Raspail and Thierry Prat and with texts by Liliane Albertazzi and Kim Trong. With the participation of Jean-Marc Andrieu, David Boeno, Patrick Corillon, Marie Ducaté, Richard Fauget, Stephane Lallemand, Anne Legay and Daniel Schlier
On the pages about my work you can read, L'écho de la différence by Nathalie Pierron.
Read the text here (...)
Booklet for the exhibition with Patrick Corillon, Martine Neddam, Niek van de Steeg
Edition CAC, Maison des Artistes de la communauté française de Belgique, Brussels, 1990, text written by Marnix Bonnike, which can be found here (...)