La palissade (the fence)
A serpent-like wooden fence measuring 60 metres long, winds around the courtyard of the Subsistances in Lyon.
© Léa Mercier, Anaëllle Vanel, Jean-Baptiste Sauvage, Delphine Reist, ENSBA-Lyon, NVDS
Made by the National Fine Art School of Lyon,
With the support of the  Direction Générale de la Création Artistique du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.
And the support of the society ART PROJECT and SIKKENS SOLUTIONS of the groupe AKZO NOBEL.
The Fence is an open, organic structure, punctuated by a number of doorways which allow for new perspectives and create new axes of movement for the visitors. The sculpture also functions as an exhibition display; Niek van de Steeg invited the artists Delphine Reist and Jean-Baptiste Sauvage  and young artists from ENSBA's Post-Diploma to make specific works for the fence. He also invited other artists to present works in the form of posters and editions, each of which was progressively hung on the fence during the time of a congress.
The work was made for the sixth edition of the Congress of the CIPAC.
The project was made with the following students from the ENSBA-Lyon: Cécile Bouffard, Jonathan Briant, Charlotte Denamur, Irina Favero Longo, Roman Gandolphe, Julie Mengelle, Léa Mercier, Isabelle Merger, Xavier Pettegola, Axelle Pinot, Theo Revelen-Bernard, Lucie Riothon-Pannetrat, Anaëllle Vanel
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